Thrive after college.

After reading you’ll understand how to:

  • Budget using a simple plan that involves income and bills... that’s it. Easy to follow without obnoxiously tracking your spending.

  • Pay off your student debt while building your credit higher than most adults.

  • Have free time for your friends, Netflix or anything else while still working a 40hr work week.

  • Pick a bearable roommate that you actually enjoy being around. And live somewhere that doesn't involve wasting away in traffic to get to work.

  • Land the job worth bragging about. Four simple steps to a great resume and five keys to a cover letter. Standout from the pool of generic applicants.

What Makes Me Qualified? - 5 Years of Experience

I’ve been on my own since I was 17. I’ve never been late on a bill. I have a 750 Credit Score (the average for 18-24 year old's is 620). I have enough free time every day to write, workout, eat and watch Netflix (with an 8-hour workday thrown in too.) I have enough money from meal prepping to go out every weekend without stressing over funds. Oh, did I mention I’m debt free? And no, I don’t make a shitload of money. (Less than 45K a year)

It’s easy to read - boring books suck. This one was written with you in mind. Easy to follow  with humor peppered in.

It’s less than 50 pages, how is it worth it?

Let me ask you this - how many classes did you think, “Why am I learning this?” Were there any that were so deep that you didn’t know what you were doing anymore?

That’s not this book. It presents information in the most direct way possible. No fluff. It has what’s needed, nothing more, nothing less.

Systems shown eliminate stress from bill's, lack of time and bad roommates. All for less than a value meal at Mcdonalds.

Download the book. Read it. If you don’t learn a single thing, message me and I promise to Venmo your money back.

It’ll take under an hour - less time than it takes to do laundry. (Yeah, you’ll have to start doing that too.) Give yourself the foundation you deserve.

Download now, the button’s right here.