How to Know if Someone's Been in Your Room

Who's There?

Who's been in your room while you're gone? Is your roommate snooping around while you're in class? Has there been an unwanted guest in your hotel room?

How are you supposed to know without setting up a complex camera system?

The Simple Solution

All you need is a piece of paper. No door stops, no complicated electronics. None of that.

A small piece of paper - that's it.


Stick it in there!

Put that piece of paper between your door and frame when you leave. Preferably lower so that someone won't see it if they go near the door.

Too easy.


door and paper

Where's the paper?

Where is it? It doesn't look like I've done anything, right?

Look about a foot below the door knob and you'll see a tiny slip right there. (I zoomed in if you still couldn't see it.)



Now What?

Well, if anyone opens the door, the paper will fall out. The intruder won't notice a thing and if they do, it's just a little scrap of paper. They won't think anything of it.

Now You Know

Even if they see the paper and think it's trash. They'll throw it away but you'll know the secret. You'll know someone's been in your room.

From there you can take more advanced precautions once your know your room isn't secure.

But next time you have any doubts or just want an easy extra layer of security - try this trick!

That's it - Thanks for Reading!

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